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The AIMPROtactical 590A1 Shotguns listed below are just a few of the cofigurations available.  Call us with your specifications.
Now all of our Shotgun are available in XCOAT colors.  Check out the XCOAT page!


AIMPROtactical 590A1

Our Enhanced Tactical Shotguns are all based on the Mil-Spec Mossberg® 590A1.
Scroll down and click on the photos below to get a closer look
The NEW AIMPROtactical Breaching 590A1
The NEW Exclusive AIMPROtactical Breaching & AP Combination Barrel with Ghost Ring® sights
and our NEW Ready To Go  AIMPROtactical 590A1 Less Lethal model, with Ghost Ring® sights
We are also currently doing R&D work on the Mossberg® 930 Semi-Auto.  Stand by for a Custom Tactical version in the near future.  
Please contact us for Dealer, Law Enforcement and Direct Sales pricing.

AIMPROtactical 590A1's
AIMPROtactical - When only the Best wil do!
590A1 Breacher/590A1 Less Lethal & The 185 Model

AIMPROtactical 185

The 185 is our standard model, (enhanced and tuned action, 18.5" heavy walled, honed, polished and Mag-na-ported barrel with lengthened forcing cone, Hogue overmolded stocks), fitted with a Lyman-TacStar Side Saddle. The patented Mossberg® Ghost Ring sights are fully adjustable for tack driving accuracy

Our Dedicated Less Lethal model is the only Less Lethal 590A1 available off the shelf and ready to go. Our Less Lethal models have all the same internal enhancement as our AIMPROtactical 590A1's except the barrels are not ported.  Fitted with Hogue overmolded stocks, fully adjustable Ghost Ring® sights and a Lyman-TacStar Side Saddle, these Less Lethal Shotguns will give your people the accuracy, reliability and ammo flexibility they need.  Add a Lyman-TacStar Weapon Light system and cut through the darkness with an illuminated sight picture.

Less Lethal
Less Lethal 590A1 w/ Ghost Ring® sights and Side Saddle


TacStar Weapon Light w/ Adapter

The Exclusive Breaching & Anti-Personnel Combination Barrel is only available from AIMPRO. Developed to give operators the tools they need to handle any situation, the "dragon tooth" Standoff barrel is mated with a Mossberg Ghost Ring®front sight for the same tack driving accuracy of our standard barrels.  And just like our standard barrels these hybrids are enhanced to provide the tightest Buck patterns and shot after shot slug accuracy. 

EXCLUSIVE AIMPROtactical Breaching/AP Barrel

Breaching Standoff and Ghost Ring® Sight Combination

AIMPROtactical Exclusive Breaching/AP Barrel

Our standard Breacher is fitted with a bead front sight, Specter Gear single point MOUT quick release sling w/ GG&G adapter and a Lyman-TacStar Side saddle.  Houge overmolded stocks are standard with a bantam version available.  Based on the Mil-Spec 590A1 receiver and enhanced to improve performance and reliability, this Breacher is "Good To Go"

Standard 590A1 Breacher w/ Single Point Sling Attachment (GG&G Adapter)

Breacher w/ Specter Gear MOUT Single Point Sling

Tac-Star Weapon Light with Adapter

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